Buying spares online is becoming a more popular practice for motorists across the UK year on year. It has many advantages cost wise and efficiency wise, and it can also become an enjoyable hobby. For many the do it yourself approach is much more appealing than taking your used car to a garage for it to get fixed, it’s a much more hands on approach which is sure to satisfy the fantasies of all the petrol heads out there who see their car as much more than just a transportation device.

Sometimes however, a part may become so damaged so that it passes the point of repair, but this does not mean you have to give your baby away to another’s hands, you can still be the hero and remain the person who nurses your vehicle back to full health, no one else need meddle in you and your cars, man-machine relationship. This is because spares are becoming more and more readily available to everybody who needs them. No longer are the days when you have to know somebody who knows a bloke who works at a car scrap yard, all you need to know in this day and age is how to use the internet. Many websites now actually do all the hard work for you, fast-tracking you into the inside network of car breakers, dismantlers and scrap yards without so much as clicking a button.

Whether you are looking for parts for a small family car, a sports car or a 4x4 crossover - you will be able to find them online as long as you do your research and look in the right places.