Keep It Cheap

We have looked at how to get the cheapest replacement parts for your vehicle should you need any – it is a relatively simple process. In addition we have talked about how to reduce the risk for needing parts, but have not really touched upon how different vehicles affect the price of different spare parts.

It does not take a rocket scientist or brain surgeon to work out that the cheaper the vehicle you own, the cheaper the parts will be for it. If you own an Aston Martin then you can guess that no matter how hard you search you will struggle to find anything which wouldn’t be classed as expensive to the average Joe off the street.

In the same sense you are not going to expect to pay much when something goes wrong with your used 1989 Ford Escort – after all it would be rather pointless paying premium prices for parts for a car which isn’t worth much.

So what are the cheapest new cars which are currently available on the market? We are going to run through the biggest bargains in the UK, which should ensure you get a new vehicle with the cheapest available parts.

Dacia Sandero

Even if you are not a regular reader of automotive news, there is a strong chance you will have heard of the Dacia Sandero. It made headlines when it was released in the UK a few years back as the entry level version was offered at the staggeringly low price of £5,995. If you are looking for ultimate value then you will be hard pushed to find better than the Dacia Sandero.

Renault Twizy

Where Dacia boast a practical supermini to rival the class leading Ford Fiesta with the Sandero, Renault’s bargain model does not quite compete in typical car terms. The two-seater city vehicle is certainly unique but it will not be for everyone – its unorthodox appearance is essentially love or hate. When it comes to driveability the Twizy is pretty fun but because it’s an all-electric car you are pretty much limited to city driving as its range is rather pitiful. Priced at a little under £7,000, you can pick up a used Renault Twizy for nearly half the money.

Suzuki Alto

One of the most popular city cars currently on the market, the Suzuki Alto can be purchased brand new for just more than £7,000. It is surprisingly enjoyable to drive around town while there is a fair amount of space in the cabin – although rear passengers do not have a great deal of leg room. As far as equipment is concerned, you won’t be getting much with the entry level model but if you are prepared to pay a little more the infotainment system is fairly impressive.