Play It Safe

We have talked extensively about the process by which you can go about obtaining the necessary parts for your vehicle, should you need them, but have not really touched upon the fact that it would be beneficial to avoid the need for spare parts altogether. Of course if the situation arises where we are in need of a replacement part for our car then we want to get it at the cheapest price possible, but ideally we don’t want to be in this position at all.

So how can we cut our automotive expenses by avoiding the need of spare car parts? Well to do this we need to look at the underlying reasons or causes which lead to us needing them in the first place – and often it will be the result of minor accidents, which may or may not be your fault.

If you are serious about minimising accidents then a good idea would be to look at safer cars – if you are not entirely sure what this means or which cars are safe then fear not, because we are about to list some of the safest models currently on the market.

Volvo V40

Probably the brand which is most renowned for its safety features and procedures around the world is Volvo. The Swedish manufacturer consistently produces models which score exceptionally well in the Euro NCAP tests, and none more so than the Volvo V40 hatchback. It is a car which has received critical acclaim for the level of space provided inside the cabin, the smooth driveability it delivers and the comfort and adjustability of the seats. However its safety features and technology are what sets it apart from rival models in the class – for adult occupant protection it scored 98% and for safety assist it scored a perfect 100%. Additionally it managed a record 88% score for pedestrian safety – a category in which many vehicles score very poorly.

Mercedes GLA-Class

When thinking about safety in vehicles, Mercedes is probably not a brand which comes to the forefront of your mind too quickly – not to say that you don’t associate premium quality with Mercedes-Benz vehicles but you’d likely think about big powerful engines and superb aesthetics before safety features. The GLA-Class excels in this area though and actually represents pretty decent value for money, although you won’t be able to find many discounts – it is a relatively new model so used Mercedes GLA-Class cars are few and far between.

Kia Sorento

Just in the sense that you probably wouldn’t immediately associate Mercedes with safety features, Kia is the sort of brand that you would. The South Korean firm is globally known for the reliability and stability offered by its models – and of course its unrivalled 7 year or 100,000 mile warranty package. The Kia Sorento scores superbly in all Euro NCAP categories and is at the forefront of technology when it comes to the safety department.